Talking To Your Loved Ones

Hey Fibro Warriors!

Now that the new year has come and it’s February, love is in the air! Love should always been shown towards one another but especially during this month, and even more especially to those around you with Fibromyalgia. Here at FibroAid, we strive to spread awareness about FibroAid and share the ideas about both self-love and loving those around you. In today’s blog post we’ll share ways you can love those around you by talking to them about their condition as well as what you can do to be there for them.

Before you actually talk to your loved one about their condition, it’s best to make sure that is person is ready and open to speak about it, and that you yourself understand their specific symptoms and what they are going through. It may take some time for those with Fibromyalgia to be ready to speak about their condition and symptoms. Patience is key and through this adjustment period, keep reassuring your loved one that you will be there when they are ready to take the next steps forward in fighting Fibromyalgia.

Once the foundation is established, the next best step is to discuss with you loved one what exactly they are feeling and going through, and what help they will need. Keep reassuring your loved on that you will be there for them and provide whatever assistance you can to them to share your love and support with them. After that, talk with your loved one about establishing healthy communication between you. You want to create a sense of compassion and togetherness with your loved one so they understand that you are here to help improve their life and that you are going to support them no matter what. This way your loved one will feel that sense of connection and be willing to be clear and open about their symptoms. Another tip for talking with loved ones is to talk about setting up a diet and workout plan for them. You can help them set up a meal plan and preparations for them as well as join them in their workouts. This way they feel the love and support from you as you are on the journey with them to help their condition.

We hope that these tips helped you in talking to your loved ones about Fibromyalgia. Remember Warriors, keeping fighting and spreading the love!


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