What Can FibroAid do for you?

Here’s what customers are saying…

“I bought this product because it combined several B vitamins, especially benfotiamine (fat soluable B-1) that are directly related to nerve health into one, convenient supplement. Within days of taking the supplement in the morning, my nerve pain in my legs was greatly reduced. I am able to sleep comfortably at night, and will most likely order FibroAid again.”

-Colleen G.

“I have developed neuropathy from my diabetes a few years ago. Burning started in my feet and moved to my legs. My doctors put me on anti depressants at first, but i just couldn’t take it. I looked alternatively for other forms of treatment through my diet and vitamins. I was taking Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin B12 separately. I like FibroAid because it has everything I need in one capsule. ”

-Michael B.

“I am very glad I chose to use this product after my back surgery almost 2 years ago. I had severe sciatica that the pain quickly subsided when I started using the FibroAid. I’ve continued to use it to make sure my nerves continue to be healthy and the risk of future sciatica is kept at a minimum. Saw little improvement with my first bottle, major improvement with my second.”

-David G.

“This product has exceeded my goals. I take 1 capsule a day every morning. This has made the “pins and needles” almost disappear. I highly recommend this product to all with neuropathy.”

-Katrina S.

“Been using for about a week now, it seems to help with my Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms. My toes are not as numb as before, and my finger tips are almost normal now. I will continue using, thanks”

-Paul A.

* Results may Vary from Person to Person

Important: While successful for the majority of users, not all people respond to FibroAid™. If after 60 days you have not realized any of the benefit, please return your order for a refund under our 60 day money back guarantee. Because every fibromyalgia case is different, it is important to speak to you doctor before trying FibroAid™. If you have any questions please reach out to us at info@fibroaid.net or speak to your physician or rheumatologist. FibroAid does not cure, treat, or prevent any disease. It is always important to consult your physican, rheumatologist, or nutritionist before taking any dietary supplement.