Food and Drink to Avoid with Fibromyalgia

Hey there Fibro Warriors! In today’s blog we’re taking about what foods and drinks to avoid or reduce in your diet. These foods and drinks can actually cause flare ups and trigger your symptoms, which is something we all don’t want! To see what food and drinks can help your symptoms, check out our blog post on Diet and Nutrition!

Avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks

Caffeinated and sugary drinks can interfere and cause an imbalance in your sleeping patterns and your energy levels throughout the day. Having coffee or soda during the day can be enticing as it can give a quick burst of energy, but it can cause an energy crash later in the day and/or keep you up at night when your body needs sleep.

Avoid fried and processed foods

Fried and processed foods can cause inflammation as well as nerve pain. These foods can also cause fatigue as your body is working overtime to break down these foods.

Reduce your dairy intake

Studies have shown that dairy products can trigger a fibromyalgia flare up. Take note of how different types of dairy affects you and try adding non-pasteurized and organic dairy products into your diet as your body will have an easier time digesting this and you’ll still get the nutrients from dairy.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake

Eating too many carbohydrates can cause your blood sugar levels to constantly change, making your body tired as well as increasing pain. It can also put added stress on your joints and muscles. Head for whole-wheat alternatives as well as gluten free options! Also, take note of what carbohydrates affect and what symptoms they cause

We hope these tips of what foods to watch out for help you in your diet planning. We also advise keeping a food log to note what foods help your body and which don’t, so you can build a strong and healthy diet plan! Keep fighting on Fibro Warriors and let us know which foods have and haven’t work out for you!

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